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Sunira's Azumanga Daioh Tv Review

Azumanga Daioh

Rated: 8

The presentation for this anime is very good. Its full of surprising events, each with its own little subplot. There is no great main storyline, which makes the anime something you can watch over a period of time. I wasnt ever left with any 'edge of my seat', 'must watch next episode' feeling which is a nice break from the usual dramatic anime which sometimes i feel I have to watch all in a day. The presentation of the days events loosely follows a typical schoolday and evening and then interaction between the characters sometimes produces a deep thought but usually leaves you chuckling at their strange and humorous antics. This is mostly a watch-once anime as there isnt anything deep or significant you'd miss if you watched it only once. Its very light, and a very refreshing series.

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Sunira's RahXephon Tv Review


Rated: 9

The presentation of the characters, and the subtle presentation of their past really makes the whole series utterly captivating. You get to know each character, and their defining pasts. The series isnt what I'd call original in idea considering its another mecharobot anime, but there is a lot more to it than just that. Unlike Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gundam Wing, the robot part of it is actually a lot more of an overtone instead of the mainstay of each episode. Usually the battles are brief and dont dominate the episodes. The humor in each episode is cute, its not side wrenching funny, but its good for a chuckle now and then. Its got some slightly innuendo based humor in it but its not forced. In fact the conversations and interactions with amongst the characters is fluid.

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Sunira's Fire Emblem Tv Review

Rated: 8

I cannot call this game original as it relies heavily on systems from previous Fire Emblem games however, the lack of originality has almost no impact on how fun it was to play. Military tactics are fun to ponder as the entire game is a series of war puzzles where you have to come out victorious. It reminded me of chess and indeed it felt like I was playing a very complicated and far more intense game of chess. You never know the enemies moves and those moves are tailored to your moves and tactics. It was great fun to try and outsmart the built in AI. Since the battles all have a different outcome depending on how you play, the replayability of the game is quite high. I’ve played it three times myself, using different tactics and getting better each time.

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Sunira's Final Fantasy X Tv Review

Rated: 9

I loved the Humour in the game. Mainly because it was really bad and completely cheesy. I think its probably a problem with most translated games. Sometimes the humor is really cute and sometimes its really awful and corny. The corniest characters are Tidus and Yuna. Tidus is almost like a ten year old trying to grow up. The playability of the game is great. Ive played it three times through already, doing it better each time. You can go through the main storyline or do the umpteen sidequests as well. The sidequests are fun and are definelty worth it as you can get the strongest weapons and fight the hardest monsters only by doing them. Plus, more storyline, which is never bad.

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Sunira's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Tv Review

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Rated: 5

The series is well organized. Sometimes too well organized, leading to monotony. The Series is not the most original series out there. Same ol same ol beat the bad guys up story line. This is something Id reccomend for children ages 8 -12 as it has no real complex or gripping scenes. Each show is only about 25 minutes long so the entire series can be seen in about a week. Small humorous situations may leave you witha chuckle but nothing more. It might have young children in fits but the humor is almost entirely comprised of Usagi doing dumb things. You can watch this series probably only once as watching it a second time leaves you with no surprises or anything you might have missed,. Simple series back when anime was just getting cool in America. Its a fun oldie to watch.

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